Where different worlds meet. Adam finds himself together with Eve in a chat room. Around them- a cyber snake is sliding in loops, corrupting their minds. Both of them are going to sin and look for apples made out of gold, and the gates “Virtual Paradise Garden” will opem for them. There they are destined to meet with a friendly cyber punk, digital unicorn and maybe even some shy pixel.


At 19th of February on carnevals main stage youll be able to enjoy such artist as “Astro’n’Out” and our guests from Belarussia “Super Besse”, also latvian hiphop perfomer “Edavārdi” and great Roberts Gobziņš with his band. Also “Bandmaster”, “Emil Deo+Rihard Spartz”.


On rock stage you will have the chance to meet such stars as “Indygo”,”Sibyl Vane” from Estonia,”Laime Pilnīga”,

”Be Reet”, “Crow Mother”, “Foxthroat”, “Rebel Riot”.


In carneval- its possible to satisfy anyones taste of music, so take a look into the funk room,where the main event has a name- Funky Breakout,followed by DJ All-viss,DJ Rudd and “PM2TheAM”


Taking care of guest ears in the folkroom-”Dārdi”, “Grodi” also “Čipsis un Dullais”,“91kidz stage” presents “JU”, “Lessfuccc”,”Dispoz”and “Ironixx”


In carnival you’ll be able also to hear new artists, who just have started their musical carier.


ts common that a big part of the carnivals magic are the decorations and installations. Young artists will present their artwork, that will lead you into a dimension of light and good vibe sensation.


Traditional maze will be crafted by wizards of “Baltais Kalns” and “Mamma Daba” and “Latvijas Valsts Meži” will take care of the appearance of main stage.


Carneval takes place at Art academy of Latvia, Kalpaka bulvaris 13. Riga.

19th  february of 2016 at 20:00 until dawn.


From 20:30 woorkshops are going to tak place and from 21:30 live music starts playing. Reminding,that you can enter carnival if you are 18 or older.

7 EUR - for students of Art academy of Latvia and


12 EUR - for two of their friends

15 EUR - for students of other art and culture schools

20 EUR - for regular ticket


30 EUR - at the day of event.

from 8.-12. and February, from 12.00-18.00 you can buy tickets at

"Art academy of Latvia" first floor.

at 12.february from 19.00-22.00 tickets sell at Ezītis Miglā(Palstu street 9)

Student tickets are valid only by showing a valid student card when entering the carnival.

Producing (

Rebeka Anna Kalniņa | projekta vadītāja | | 29858166

Arvis Kantiševs | vadītāja palīgs | | 26282259

Edgars Poika | tehniskais nodrošinājums | | 29844593

Heralds Gerts | brīvprātīgo koordinācija | | 29844593


Direction (

Līva Komarovska | mūzikas producente | | 22146441


Visual Identity

Līna Baranova | vizuālās daļas vadītāja | | 26150813

Kalvis Kalniņš | vecākais pārzinis | | 27106064

Mārtiņš Locs | grafiskais dizaineris | | 22407325 | mājaslapa izstrāde | | 22846235


Marketing (

Madara Ermansone | mediji un akreditācija | | 27136551

Oskars Goba | mārketings | | 29393934

Elīna Lēģere | sociālo tīklu komunikācija | e-pasts | 25338712

Pēteris Ponnis | sponsori radošām aktivitātēm | | 27852878

Rihards Strenga | sponsoru piesaiste | | 26112076